The Cubs Game 

The Cubs Game

Kathe and Roseanne and I are taking Christian to a Cubs game this afternoon....he is spending 10 days with his mother in Mokena and we all got together with Pat and Mary Jo Wed evening at Palmer Place for a burger.
Brett arrived in Chicago last night and the "utes" all went to see Dave Mathews Band in Tinley Park for an out door concert....Kevin, were you in the Mix at all somewhere? How are you Kev? Where are you? Brett returns in about 10 days to the East Coast to prepare for moving to Italy with his Band of Brothers.
Nettie contacted me and is joining us for the wedding in all will be there except Ed and far as family and MJ and Pat are ready for this big event...they are settling into a sort of routine of living in Clinton and working in Chicago and MJ just started her teaching Wednesday...she said it is very different and she has some getting used to it to do!

Kathe ran out for breakfast and I hope to at least hit the bike for a few minutes so gonna run...thanks for all the contributions and we shall hopefully keep our family's requested prayers in our hearts so hop on the Blog Train and let us know how each of you are doing.Love for now


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Comment Greetings to all of you from St. Paul Park! We got home at 2:00PM this afternoon. We had warm weather since our arrival at the lake on the 13th, but much wind which can be unpleasant and ultimately make you cold if you try to sit in it and read. So I read in the house. I had a page turner-The Memory Keeper's Daughter. Quite a book. I highly recommend it. Sue joined us Thursday evening, and the three of us drove to Bayfield, WI for the day on Friday. It was a beautiful day-the leaves are begining to turn so the ride was delightful. We hit the shops, and finished in about one and a half hours. Then we went to buy apples at a local fruit grower. It was a nice day. On Saturday, Cathy and Guy came up and the girls had invited our neighbors and company for supper. Sue did herself good cooking a gourmet meal for all of us. It was a nice get together. Then on Sunday, we helped Sue winterize her rig for the winter. She is done for the season at the lake. About noon, as we were getting the noon meal because Cathy and Guy always go home on Sunday right after the noon meal, we were interrupted as the camp ground community "chivereezed" us to pay tribute to our 48th year of marriage. It was a pleasant surprise and so nice of them to think of us. Tomorrow afternoon, Ed will drive me to my annual retreat house in Buffalo, MN. It is an Ignatian retreat-but of course, not a 30 day retreat which is a genuine Ignatian retreat, but a two and a half day short form. It is a silent retreat. I will keep all of you in my prayers and ask that you keep me in your prayers that I may experience the grace God has in mind for me. Ed will drive up for me on Thursday evening, and At noon on Friday we will drive to the lake for our last 4 or 5 days this season. We will winterize the rig on Wednesday at the latest. It is a big job and we hope for good weather. On Sunday, October 1, we will celebrate Nick's 8th birthday-AND he and Isabella's baptisms-Praise God!!! So we are happy about that. Matthew celebrated his 8th birthday today. So these little ones are growing.Elizabeth is here in MNPLs going to school at the main U. She is on a rowing team as well. Becky is doing school and soccer in Duluth.Patty is teaching and has a good class this year. Chris is still in Grand Rapids, MN but gets home fairly regularly for meetings, and has been told that he should get relocated in Duluth soon. Paul is busy going door to door for political campaigns this busy political season. Sue was in Washington, DC last Sunday throughTuesday. On Monday and Tuesday, she attended a Conference on money laundering by terrorists. She said it was interesting. Cathy does her daycare and has an interesting life with the little ones and their parents. Christina is in school in California for her first of two courses for EMT training.So glad that Chris is out of the marines and I hope it's for good. Nice that he, Brett and Kevin and the other cousins could get together in Chicago. Good to hear what is going on in theri lives. We are looking forward to our trip to Clinton for Karen and Luke's wedding, and to see all of you there. until then, I'll sign off for now. (Oh, Bonnie, I found the box with the pictures and do hope to work on all that after the lake season ends this fall.) Love, Mary Carolyn

Mon Sep 18, 2006 8:25 pm MST by Maryfive

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