OKAY, SO YOU HAD TO WAIT for me to get back on here to get some juices flowing?
I am very excited as I get to be the lucky aunt that picks Christian up from the airport tomorrow and drive him down to Mokena to see his mother!

He has a week in Chicago and I am for one, very excited! Christian has been officially released from the Marines however, he has to deal with the real possibility of being pulled back as a reserve for a fourth tour...pray just pray for him that he does not have to do that. It looks like Kathe will be over at my house this weekend and ( this is for Ed), I now own a new beautiful Roadtrip Grille by Coleman...yes bright red and quite spunky!!!!! So we will be sharing time with Roseanne and Christian and next weekend we are at a Cubs Game with he and Brett who is also coming into Chicago next weekend.

I am drinking that wonderful MIchigan red wine tonight and looking forward to a good sleep tonight after a stress-filled week of work.

I did not hear much about the family's Labor Day celebrations....so where are you all???

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Comment Once again, Thanks Peg, for your update on Christian and the current news. Hope after your visit, you can share his current address, and martial status. Had heard there were some problems, so am wondering how he is really doing. That readjustment to civilian life can be critical, I hear. Our Sarah just spent a gruleing week with two court hearings over custody issues with her children, so please keep her and the children in prayer. My x-son in law will have some very real questions to answer to God for when that time comes. Yesterday ended with a judge, and lawyers delivering his visitation priveledges returned to him, in spite of documented papers stating he has been an abusive father to his children. He received a verbal chastisement from the judge about his unfitness as a father, and the children were given back to him for the weekend visitation priveledge, without any warning to the children. Needless to say, it was not a pretty picture. They did not want to go with him and who can blame them after bieng ill treated by their father, repeatedly. Just pray that God will keep them in His care and protect them. Joseph is in Brno, and doing fine. Communicating is very difficult and expensive but we did have one very static filled phone conversation, from a street phone. It seems e-mail may be our only alternative for communicating effectively. He is teaching 16 and 18year olds, who only have a couple of years of English, so said its hard to scope down your English to that level of teaching. So far hes not in a permanent domicle ( flat) but is promised one after Sept 15th when the second round of teachers come and begin the next flow of classes. My school is going well. I love the new teacher I work with, Shi-Ping, and find her enthusiasim and excitememt about teaching quite encouraging. Shes the same age as Joe, so almost like working with your daughter. I really like her style of teaching. Relaxed but organized so a good blend. Im still trying to pick up the pieces after my huge garage sale, the last one I believe I will ever have. However, after 3 vanloads to the Community charities, there is still quite a few piles around to sort and disperse of. Its my punishment for bieng a pack rat, I think. Hope fall is a happy time for all of you. God Bless, Bonnie

Sat Sep 9, 2006 10:31 am MST by B. Lennon

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