Fred and Beth and Ed and Linda Wild Seniors 

Fred and Beth and Ed and Linda Wild Seniors

Just a quick update on the naughty partiers that took over my house! Fred was the instigator with all the redwine......SWEET! Ed brought and cooked steaks as big as your head on my fantastic DuCANE GRILL.....the ladies made sure we had food in the house and Thursday night saw Emily and Art and Kathe join in and it was super fun and no political murders!! Ha ha ha......Ed and Linda did their wedding thing while Fred and Beth and I headed downtown to see Millenium Park and then we stuff ed ourselves that evening near by house with cheeseburgers! Fred made homemade lemonade (sorry we never got to the popcorn) and Sunday was Mass and then they had to leave! Ed and Linda hung out Sunday pm before their flight home on Sunday eve!

I am hoping to see Roseanne this weekend as we did not touch base yet and her good news of Christian's visit may be fodder for the blog by her so I will let her share those plans.
Kathe is staying at my home this week as she goes into her second week of teaching in Plainfield and next week she will be back out in Naperville with her friend Sheila. Alicia dropped by last night and so it goes!
What are ya'll doing over Labor Weekend??? Hope aboard the Blog train and let us all know.
Thanks for all the fun and food and laughter you guys.....too bad my family plied me with red wine to the point of sin and debauchery......................Bye for now and love to all!
PS Brett comes into Chicago in Sept also....Kathe,,,get on and tell all. XX Love

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Comment Your fantastic Ducane is a fire waiting to happen!!! Peg, get a new grill!!! We were fortunate that Emily and friend were able to refill an "illegal" propane tank or we would have had no steaks. All kidding aside, it was a very nice visit and enjoyed seeing some siblings. Kathy, your Emily is a classy young lady. Wish I could have out-shouted my drunken brother & sister Peg to converse more with her. I think the wine bottle count was over 7 and that was just Fred & Peg!! But it was fun. Course , the next day was a bust as the two imbibers were physically handicaped with hangovers. Sorry we will not be going to Pat & MJ's for wedding. Would like to have seen other siblings but just not in the cards. Hope this finds all of you well and happy. Love- Bro Ed

Fri Sep 1, 2006 11:07 am MST by Bro-Ed

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