Some updates 

Some updates

The recent comments have done a great job of summing up our last few weeks of Family Time!! Mike, those pics you sent along were excellent by the way and thanks!
Mary Jo begins her teaching in Minooka area next week and Kathe starts tomorrow in Plainfield. Several of us broads drove up to Madison yesterday to Marianne's beautiful home where she held a Bridal Shower for Karen. Kathe, Roseanne, moi, Julie, Emily, Karen and Marianne and of course Mary Jo were in attendance where we ate an incredible meal, had a wonderful sampling of the upcoming wedding cake, played some very fun cames thanks to Em, and had a few laughs. I learned just how far Madison is from my home!!

Fred and Beth head this way as do Ed and Linda. They are holding a steak BBQ Thur eve and then FRed and Beth and I are spending some Chicago time together as Ed and Linda go to a wedding. em and Kathe said they may stop by and I am hoping Roseanne can join us at some point also.

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Comment Big thanks to Ed for letting beau? :) and I share in the steak supper. Art and I can't wait! Bonnie, I think Joseph has already left for overseas. I tried to e-mail him an his schnoozie account, but it wouldn't go through. Is there a way to get in touch with him now? Thanks! love, Em

Thu Aug 24, 2006 12:16 pm MST by Emily Hatteberg

Comment Hope everyone is well. Just got e-mail from Peg that Kathy, Emily & beau? are joining us for steak tomorrow night at Pegs home. Delighted!! Any else in the area? Just quick memo to anyone interested. Our Steve & Michele will be on the national show Trading Spaces on Nov. 25th. By the way, Ellyes room came out georgous and very feminine. Took 3 days and many people to tape. Steve was not thrilled at first but got into it and said it was great experience. Better him than me! Looking forward to our Chicago trip tomorrow and visit with Peg, Fred, Beth, Kathy, Emily, & beau? Love to all my family out there!! Bro-Ed

Wed Aug 23, 2006 2:19 am MST by Bro Ed

Comment Peg, so what did I miss here, is Mary Jo now at a new job also, in Minooka? When did this happen? And are Pat and Mary Jo living in chicago area also?? Guess in missing the reunion, I missed a lot of new family info. Thanks for sharing what you did. Love, Bonnie

Mon Aug 21, 2006 5:09 pm MST by B. Lennon

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